Laser Engraving


Discover Mad Media Monkey’s Laser Engraving Services—a 30-year legacy of excellence rooted in family tradition.
Our torchbearer role continues with esteemed family-owned (Jones-Kakkar) companies: Glass Masters, 5 Star Awards & Engraving, Feather River Trophies, Italian Laser Linx Inc., Cyber Techniques, Coastal Bend Marketing, and J&J Metal Art Inc.


Generational Dedication: Laser engraving, glass etching, manufacturing and fabrication is the Jones Family’s craft, passed down through exceptional enterprises known for craftsmanship.


Founder’s Innovation: Melaney Kakkar, Mad Media Monkey founder, blends Glass Masters’ legacy with innovation. With over 30 years of perfecting laser engraving, design, and creative innovation, her business and technology background enriches Mad Media Monkey’s expertise.


Diverse Partnerships & Past Clients: Collaborations span Beale Air Force Base, Yuba-Sutter schools, Little League, local sheriff departments, Rideout Hospital, Applebee’s, City of Marysville, City of Yuba City, and global players like Disney and Applebee’s.


Global Impact: Beyond local partnerships, we had joined forces with Disney, Applebee’s, and Fortune 500 companies—showcasing excellence across local and global domains.

Personalized Gifts and Keepsakes
Corporate Branding Solutions
Event Decor and Invitations
Custom Trophies and Awards
Industrial and Manufacturing Solutions
Retail Display Enhancements
Wedding and Special Occasion Engravings
Prototypes, Control Panels and Interfaces

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